Bigger Death Valley Paintball

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Trench Warfare


Join our forces to battle in the trenches. We have nearly 2000ft of  

three foot deep trenches with a two foot berm. With four outposts, 

this is a very challenging centre flag field. If you find the right 

position, you can cover most of the field, but  watch your back as the 

trenches all connect and are very easy to sneak through. Play in the 

trenches or along the top hiding behind large piles of dirt to stay out 

of sight. 




RV Field


Located at the bottom of our  valley is a gutted RV, lots of pallets,

and a lot of trees and bushes for cover.  A  very large field 

with a lot ofcover - perfect for capture the flag and a variety of 

other scenarios.





The Light Speed Field


This is a  very unique electronic field with lots of options. The course 

can be played with 2 or 3 teams and optional time limits. There are 

three light poles on the field with an amber and a red light on each. 

Each post has three buttons color coordinated for each team. The 

object of the game is to see which team can turn all the posts to your 

team colour before time runs out. There are many game options to list

but it is a fast paced and intense field. 



Slaughter House


This is an adrenaline packed scenario based on a SWAT style raid. It 

is a 2100sqft, two bedroom house layout with furnishings and plenty of

places to hide. Can you and your team raid the house and eliminate all 

the opponents held up inside without getting hit?





Tire Speed Ball


This is a fast paced game with solid cover and single hit elimination, 

loosely based on a 5v5 nppl type field. Plan your strategy and try to 

come out of the game the last players standing. 





Area 51.5


Area 51 . 5


This large field has over 50  vehicles and tires to use for cover. 

The object of this field is to retrieve your team's medical kit from a 

neutral corner and put it into an ambulance. Only after this is done 

can you collect the alien body from the UFO crash site and take it to 

the waiting ambulance to save its life. 


The 100 Foot Hell Hill

Cut into the side of the valley is a path 12 ft wide at the top, 30ft wide
at the bottom, with a vertical height of 100 ft. Is it possible for two
or three people at the top to hold off 20 people coming up the hill
with  very little cover? Try the hill out to see!


Zombie Apocolypse Target Range

Now upgraded with motorized pop-up targets